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A front or back porch is a great place to relax. Whether you're headed outside for your evening meal or enjoying your morning cup of coffee, your porch can provide much-needed peace and quiet.

A porch is a significant investment and one that needs to be maintained over the years. Porches can get damaged, whether from normal wear and tear or from the elements. Treat your porch right by partnering with a reliable porch contractor in Keego Harbor, MI.

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Learn More About Porch Repair in Keego Harbor, MI

Porches are a wonderful thing for any home to have. One of the downsides of porches is that they're exposed to the elements. If you experience a severe storm with rain, wind, or snow, your porch gets hit hard. Our porch repair services cover damages caused by storms or normal wear and tear.

We carry a wide range of styles, materials, and colors. Whether you need a porch built from scratch or your current one needs repairs, we can match the existing style or bring your bold vision to life.

Our staff has experience completing various porch repairs. If you have vermin or rodents causing problems, we can address that.

If some of your porch's boards have gotten rotten, cracked, or loose, we can replace them. We'll do everything we can to restore the integrity of your porch.

How Our Process Works

Step One: Contact Us

Call our office at 586-709-2365 or fill out our online contact form to request a custom quote.

Step Two: We Get to Work

Our porch specialists will head out to your location. We'll evaluate the construction site and listen to what your goals are for the project.

Step Three: Sit Back and Relax

Get ready to kick back on your brand-new or newly renovated porch.

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How Much Do Our Porch Repair and Installation Services Cost?

Pricing for porch repairs or installation depends on many different factors, such as the size of your porch, the service requested, and more. We can provide you with a detailed quote that outlines the cost.

Discover Why Brickheads Masonry Is the Leading Porch Company in Keego Harbor

At Brickheads Masonry, we know how essential porches are to a home. For more than 10 years, we've been delivering exceptional customer service and results to our clients in the Detroit area. We take pride in each project we work on for our clients.

We stand by our work here at Brickheads Masonry. If you're not completely satisfied with what we've done for you, let us know. We'll work tirelessly to ensure we make it right.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors With a Beautiful and Durable Porch

Contact Brickheads Masonry to learn more about our porch installation and repair services in Keego Harbor, MI. Our team is standing by ready to help you!

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