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Relax in Style on Your Custom Porch

Your porch is a great place to sit back and relax while reading a book or chatting with your loved ones. However, to keep your porch looking in tip-top shape, you need to maintain and repair it.

That's where Brickheads Masonry comes in. We're the leading porch repair and installation company in Huntington Woods, MI. Whether you need a porch built from scratch or minor repairs, we've got you covered.

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Comprehensive Porch Installation and Repair Services

At Brickheads Masonry, we offer a wide range of colors and materials options for your front or make porch. You can choose a combination that seamlessly blends in with your home's exterior or do something bolder. Whatever your decision is, we can bring your vision to life.

While porches are a great addition to any home, they're also exposed to the elements. If it gets windy, snowy, or rainy, your porch will take a beating. Our porch repair services address problems caused by the weather or normal wear and tear.

We can replace boards that are cracked, loose, or pliant. If your handrails have gotten loose over the years, no problem. We can replace or tighten them.

When our porch specialists get to your home, we'll evaluate the damage. We'll recommend what repairs need to take place or whether we think you need a new porch. Once we've completed the repairs, we can apply a fresh coat of stain or paint.

How Our Process Works

Step One: Get in Touch

Fill out our online contact form or call us at 586-709-2365 to get a free estimate.

Step Two: We Visit Your Location

Our team of porch specialists will come out to your home. We'll listen to your needs and goals and look at the construction site.

Step Three: Enjoy Your Beautiful Porch

Once you've signed off on the budget and porch design, we'll get to work. You'll spend many years enjoying your outdoor space on your new porch.

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How Much Does Porch Installation or Repairs Cost?

The cost of porch repairs or installation depends on various factors. We're happy to provide you with a detailed quote for our services.

Why Partner With Brickheads Masonry

Brickheads Masonry was founded over 10 years ago by Geno Zaniewski with the mission to serve others and provide them with exceptional results. We take pride in every project we work on.

Customer satisfaction is one of our focuses at Brickheads Masonry. If you're not satisfied with the work we've done for you, we'll do everything in our power to make it right.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Outdoor Space With a Beautiful Porch

Are you ready to take your porch to the next level? Contact Brickheads Masonry today to learn more about our porch repair and installation services.

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