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Improve Your Outdoor Space With Porch Repair in Hamtramck, MI

Keep Your Porch Looking Great With Reliable Porch Repair in Hamtramck, MI.

Take Care of Your Porch in Hamtramck

Having a porch is a wonderful addition to your home. Whether you use it to entertain your guests or sit with your morning cup of coffee, your porch is an essential part of your home.

Unfortunately, your porch is exposed to various natural elements. When it snows, gets windy, or rains outside, your porch gets a beating.

At Brickheads Masonry & Concrete, we provide our customers with porch repair services for their outdoor living spaces. Ensure the longevity of your porch by partnering with an experienced porch contractor in Hamtramck, MI.

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Address Your Porch Problems Before They Become a Serious Issue

There are a variety of problems that your porch can experience. They include:

  • Cracked concrete or brick
  • Erosion or drainage issues
  • Weak and/aged concrete footings or support posts

Our porch specialists at Brickheads Masonry & Concrete can address any problem your porch is experiencing. We'll come to your home and inspect the damage. We'll conduct any necessary porch repairs.

You're guaranteed to have a safe, beautiful, and usable porch when you work with us.

Some of the common repairs we do include:

  • Tuckpointing
  • Concrete repair/ replacement
  • Footing installation
  • Drainage and grading issues
  • Stair replacement

In some situations, your porch might be too far gone, and you could need a new porch. Our design experts are happy to work with you to provide you with exceptional porch installation services.

Whether you need a new porch or some repairs, you'll feel confident working with Brickheads Masonry & Concrete.

How Our Process Works

Step One: Reach Out to Us

Use our online contact form or call our office at 586-709-2365 to schedule a free at-home estimate.

Step Two: We Evaluate Your Porch

We'll examine your current porch to look for areas where repairs are needed.

Step Three: We Make the Repairs

Feel confident that your porch will last for many years when you partner with Brickheads Masonry & Concrete.

Read What Our Happy Customers Have to Say

"Geno was great to work with.  His crew did a great job on our chimney.  We were very pleased at how quickly they were able to come out and complete it!  We would definitely hire Brickheads again." -Sarah H.

"Geno and his team were great called them and got an estimate and got scheduled the following week to get my porch steps upgraded and porch repaired. Really nice professional group. Was on time for the job and very responsive! Highly recommended!" -Brittany L.

Why Partner With Brickheads Masonry & Concrete?

For over 10 years, Brickheads Masonry & Concrete has provided customers in the Hamtramck area with exceptional customer service. Our keen attention to detail ensures that your porch will be back to looking like new again once our repairs are done.

If you're not 100% satisfied with the work that we've done, don't worry. We won't stop working until you're happy with the final result.

Partner With an Experienced Porch Company in Hamtramck, MI

Ready to get started bringing your porch back to its former glory? Contact Brickheads Masonry & Concrete to get a free estimate for porch repair in Hamtramck, MI.

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