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Porch Repair And Installation in Farmington, MI

Do you need porch repair or installation work? Do you live in Farmington, Michigan? Brickheads Masonry and Concrete can help you build the porch of your dreams. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Install a Perfect Porch to Improve Your Home

A porch can add a new element to the front or back of your house. You can have something simple like porch steps up to an entryway, or you can install a porch built for outdoor lounging, relaxation, entertainment, and more. Whatever your inspiration is, Brickheads can help you achieve it.

Our team of expert porch installation workers is able to work with your design ideas to build your ideal porch. A porch can protect your entryways from exposure and help increase the longevity of your doors and siding.

For those looking to create an outdoor space for guests, a porch creates the perfect venue to enjoy Michigan's natural beauty. Host porch parties for your neighbors and friends and we guarantee they will be asking about your wonderful new porch setup.

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Customizable Options that Fit Your Style

Our team has multiple options to choose from in terms of materials, colors, and configurations. If you want a concrete job for durability, the Brickheads team can accommodate. We will work out your ideal vision during our initial consultation to determine how to proceed with installing your porch. Our goal is to give you the porch that you want. Something that fits perfectly into your curated home.

We Also Do Porch Repair Work

Already have a porch that needs some tuning up? Our brick mason and porch repair experts can patch up any chips, broken pieces, or any other issue with your current porch. We understand life happens and your porch may suffer damage from weather, accidents, or whatever else. Brickheads can help get your porch back to normal so you can go on with your normal life.

How it Works

Step 1: Contact Us For Your Free Estimate

Call our team or fill out our online form to get in touch with us about starting your project. If you fill out our online form, someone from Brickheads will reach out to you shortly. We can then provide you with a free estimate based on some high-level job specs.

Step 2: Tell Us About Your Porch Vision

We want to fully understand what you are looking for in a porch. If you are unsure where to start, our team is happy to provide you with some inspiration based on our experiences working with different-style homes in the area. Once we have a clearer understanding of what you want, we can help get your project moving.

Step 3: Porch Installation or Repair Work Begins

Our team will get you on the schedule and begin your porch repair or installation work. We work fast and make sure to get the job done right the first time.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Porch

Your new porch will be the perfect place to enjoy the Farmington, MI weather and provide you with extended space for your home. Our durable construction will last for a long time - we guarantee it!

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Contact our team to get started with the porch repair or installation process. We are standing by to help you make your porch a reality!

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