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The experts at Brickhead's Masonry & Concrete are ready to help you with all of your porch repair and installation needs in Detriot, MI.

The Leading Porch Repair in Detroit, MI

Do you need porch repair in Detroit, MI? Are you searching for a trustworthy and reputable porch company in Michigan? Then it is time to get in touch with the experts at Brickheads Mansory & Concrete.

Give your porches the attention they deserve by calling Brickheads Masonry & Concrete today!

Specialists of Our Trade

You can rest assured that the team here at Brickheads Masonry & Concrete are experts in our field. We are fully licensed and insured, so when you choose to do business with us, we stand by our high-quality work. This is why we are the top-rated choice among Michigan residents for porch installation and repair.

Wide Range Of Services

We are not limited to providing installation and repairs to porches and patios — Brickheads Masonry & Concrete offers customers much more than this. Other services we offer include installing porch steps, commercial repair, concrete, waterproofing, custom steps, and more.

Transforming Patios and Porches in Detroit

Before you decide to work with us, browse through our gallery where you can see before and after pictures of our work on previous customers' projects. These pictures show how our experts have transformed porches with high-quality workmanship, proving we are the best porch repair company in Detriot, MI.

How We Work

Step One: Contact Us

Give us a call or fill in our form online for a free estimate. Within a few hours, we will provide you with a free estimate and schedule a further appointment with you.

Step Two: Your Scheduled Appointment

When it comes to your scheduled appointment, we will discuss with you thoroughly exactly what you are looking for.

Step Three: The Work Begins

After we have agreed on everything and provided your estimate, the work can begin. You will enjoy quality workmanship, convenient appointments, and exceptional service when you work with us.

Top-Rated Reputation in Detroit

Since its establishment in 2001, Brickheads Masonry & Concrete has had a reputation of excellence helping owners in Detroit and beyond with their porch installation and repairs. We have become the trusted, local experts that everyone comes to for their brick and concrete needs.

How Much Does Porch Installation and Repair Cost?

We will price our work based on what you need. We always provide a free estimate for you to approve before starting any work.

Work With the Best Porch Company in Detroit, MI

When it comes to porch installation and repair in Detroit, MI, you should work with a trusted, local porch contractor. Give Brickheads Masonry & Concrete a call today to speak to our experts about your project and get a free estimate.

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